Internal Mobility

Utilize the talent you have.
Reduce hiring spend by mobilizing internal talent.

Build Your Employee’s
Development Journeys

Accendo’s internal mobility module facilitates employees to carve out a successful career journey, assists managers throughout the decision-making process, and allows HR to implement customised action plans.

The Right Fit

Ensure your employees progress in their careers at the right time in the right position, all while aligning internal mobility programmes with overall business objectives.

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Why Accendo’s
Internal Mobility

Match Talent To Roles In 1 Click

Match talents to roles and ensure the best talent-role fit. Our automated role fit ensures you can match in 1 click the right talent for any position within your company.

Predict Fit Across 5 Different Roles

Planning an effective internal mobility requires a view into how talents would fit in various roles. Our mobility dashboard matches talents to 5 different internal roles ensuring talent pipelines are always ready.

Discover Hidden Talent Insights

Discover talent strategically by understanding their strengths and skills. Our talent dashboards enable sharp decision making by giving insights into key data measures.


360 Feedback Whenever You Need It.

Get a scalable 360 feedback tool that gives in depth insights about your people