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Organisations often struggle to select candidates who are the right fit for a job

Hiring poses numerous challenges. Our experience with leading clients highlights key issues: insufficient candidate assessment methods, protracted manual candidate management, and a subpar candidate experience resulting in high drop-off rates.
Challenge 1

Challenge #1: Subjective Decision-Making​

Recruiters often rely on subjective judgments of candidates, which can be biased and stereotype-driven, leading to missed opportunities and incorrect hires.

Challenge 2

Challenge #2: Lengthy, Manual Process​

Manual HR recruitment is time-consuming, straining resources, causing frustration, and risking missed opportunities to hire the best candidates.

Challenge 3

Challenge #3: Poor Candidate’s Experience

Valuable assessments for talent acquisition require prioritizing the candidate experience to avoid high drop-off rates due to unclear instructions and poor experiences.

Introducing TalentPulse

Elevate Your Talent Acquisition with Intelligent Insights

We understand the challenges that recruiters face when it comes to identifying, attracting, and retaining top talents.

Introducing TalentPulse, our Talent Intelligence Platform, designed to empower your team for success.

Recruiters can focus on essential tasks, such as candidate engagement and suitability assessment, while our platform streamlines administrative duties, offers robust assessment tools for identifying top hires, and enhances the overall candidate experience.

Transform Your Business with Smarter Talent Acquisition Solutions

2x More Likely Top Performers

Maximise your efficiency with our single sign-on feature, seamlessly centralising access to assessments and enabling the identification of top performers who are twice as likely to succeed.

Assessment Tools

66% Time Saving in Talent Acquisition Processes

Streamline the recruitment process by reducing the time and effort needed for manual filtering of candidates, while freeing up time for your HR teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

100% Informed Talent Decisions

Monitor assessment progress and identify talents for speedy and accurate decision-making in hiring with TalentPulse’s real-time insights and at-a-glance dashboards.

Assess Your Candidates Comprehensively and Holistically.

TalentPulse has an Assessment Marketplace with the best globally sourced and validated assessment tools to help you evaluate candidate performance and potential so you can recruit, select and promote with confidence.

Success Story

Don’t take our word for it!

Established in 1951, the social security company is one of the world’s oldest provident funds with the aim of helping the Malaysian workforce to save for their retirement. In tandem with the company’s main vision in helping Malaysians achieve a better future, it has extended its mandate to include aiding national infrastructural development while safeguarding and growing all members’ retirement saving

With Accendo, the company has increased the deployment cycle speed, reduced manual process, and strengthened their talent pipeline. 

Success story on hiring and recruitment

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