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Nurture young talents to become future leaders to ensure a full leadership pipeline built from ground up

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Build an exciting and engaging process to attract and retrain the best young talents

Creating clear career paths for your employees motivates them to pursue career goals within your company instead of searching outside. However, how can companies differentiate between career pathing and promotions? Career pathing refers to the growth of the employee in an organisation where an employee charters a course for their own careers, growth and development. It includes different positions an employee might preform as they grows in an organisation. This means moving vertically, laterally or cross functionally to move to a different type of job role. The benefit and transparency that career pathing gives is it puts employees in charge of their careers, gives managers the insight to motivate and develop their teams, and creates an empowered workforce that’s aligned with business strategy.

Why Accendo’s Career Pathing platform?

Multiple Career Paths

Employees can path up to 5 different roles to have visibility into the various internal career choices available to them

Quickest Movement Path

Automated development calculation tells employees the quickest way to achieve their aspired role by identifying the path of least resistance

Personalised Development

Employee centric development plans create personalised journeys to ensure learning is as efficient as possible

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