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Talent Strategy

Talent shortage is the #1 challenge facing organisations – change that with TalentPulse. The talent intelligence platform leverages behavioural science and AI to assess, develop and engage talents with the best fit for your organisation.

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Talent Intelligence Starts Here!​

Subjective & biased decisions? Too many manual processes? Too many spreadsheets?​

Revolutionize Talent Acquisition and Talent Management with TalentPulse, a Talent Intelligence Platform that address critical needs not met by HRMS and other applications​

  • Assessments
  • HiPo Development
  • Internal Mobility
  • Skills Taxonomy
  • Career Pathing
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Acquisition

Why TalentPulse?

Traditional solutions cannot meet complex and fast evolving talent needs for business while also creating a meaningful employee experience​


TalentPulse uniquely brings together expertise across behaviour science, people consulting and technology & AI, to create a powerhouse of capabilities that truly address today’s needs​

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