Add Intelligence to Your Talent Strategy

Talent shortage is the #1 challenge facing organisations – change that with TalentPulse. The talent intelligence platform leverages behavioural science and AI to assess, develop and engage talents with the best fit for your organisation.

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Talent Intelligence Starts Here!​

Today’s fast-paced economy forces employers to match the right talent to the right roles, employees to build their dream careers, and businesses to adapt to disruptions. TalentPulse was built to make this happen.

TalentPulse is a Talent Intelligence Platform that revolutionizes people management and acquisitions processes while addressing critical business demands that HRMS and other applications are unable to satisfy. Empower your people and business to achieve anything.

Talent Management

succession management

Identify and develop future leaders to ensure business and strategy continuity.

High potentials identification

Develop employees to identify leadership potential, build critical teams, and retain top talent.

talent skills

Move employees within an organisation to develop their careers and groom them for better roles.

Talent Acquisition

talent management

Nurture young talents to become future leaders and build a leadership pipeline from the ground up.

Recruitment strategy

Add intelligence to your recruitment strategy and fill roles faster with the right talent.

sales profiling

Bring the right people in the front line of your company and generate up to 5x more profit.

Future Readiness

Candidate experience

Leverage the right tools to create the best candidate experience and build your employees’ digital readiness.

career development

Chart a career road map based on your employees’ skills, knowledge, experience, and development.

Why TalentPulse?

Traditional solutions cannot meet complex and fast evolving talent needs for business while also creating a meaningful employee experience​

Talent Intelligence platform

TalentPulse uniquely brings together expertise across behaviour science, people consulting and technology & AI, to create a powerhouse of capabilities that truly address today’s needs​


TalentPulse is loved by some of our biggest clients. Hear what they have to say about our talent intelligence platform.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Leading global organisations transformed their talent processes with TalentPulse. Hear what they have to say about our talent intelligence platform.

Turning Actions Into Results

Transform how you hire and retain talent with our TalentPulse features.

Assessment Marketplace

Increase objectivity and accuracy in talent decisions with over 100 of our globally sourced and validated assessment tools in one marketplace.

Manager Portal

Digitise your business operations with rich insights on your team and how to best develop them using our Manager App, an all-in-one tool.

Skills Taxonomy & Role Management

Leverage our extended and structured list of skills and roles to define and benchmark talent needs for your company.

360 Feedback

A scalable 360 feedback tool that gives in-depth insights and constructive feedback about your employees to build their career progression.

Learning & Development

Create a culture of experience, knowledge-sharing, and unlock the future of talent development using our Individual Development Plans.

Talent Strategy

Make sound hiring decisions, close talent gaps, and optimise employee performance with our talent initiatives using Accendo’s comprehensive functionality.

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