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Here’s Why You Need Succession Planning

A joint research study between Accendo and People Matters discovered the following trends:

#1 Challenge

The #1 Business Challenge across companies in the SEA region is attrition.

Only 25%

Only 25% of organisations say they are very confident that they have the right talent in the right role.

Almost 90%

Almost 90% of companies use 5 technology tools for their Talent management strategy.

1 out of 2

Every 1 out of 2 companies find it extremely challenging to consolidate talent intelligence

Did you know?

In a study conducted by Gartner, the average return on investment (ROI) for succession planning software is 250%.
Assessment Tools

Address Challenges, Unleash Potential

Changes in leadership can rock the boat.
Succession planning ensures a smooth voyage.

In moments of critical business challenges, the question of capable leadership arises. The significance of having potential successors becomes apparent in situations where key employees resign, retire, or attrition occurs. At Accendo, we understand the challenges that organisations face when identifying and nurturing future leaders. Our Talent Intelligence Platform empowers you to:
  • Identify high-potential employees
  • Tailor customised development plans
  • Mitigate talent gaps
  • Ensure a seamless transition of roles

Why Choose Accendo’s Succession Planning Talent Management Software?

Proven framework, tailored solutions

Accendo’s Succession Planning solution integrates an extensive success profile library, diverse talent assessment tools, and a matching algorithm that speeds up talent identification for swift, cost-effective, and precise insights.

How Can Accendo Help You?

With over 15 years of talent management consulting expertise, Accendo offers tailored solutions rooted in industry best practices to meet individual customer needs. Each option is designed to identify and develop future leaders, guaranteeing business continuity and sustainability.

Talent Identification

Our platform offers advanced assessment tools to evaluate employee skills, competencies, and potential for future leadership positions.

Success Profiles

Define clear criteria and detailed profiles outlining the qualifications, skills, and expectations for potential successors to key roles within your organisation.

Analytics and Reporting

Our platform offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to track your succession planning progress, identify skill gaps, and make data-driven decisions.

Start Your Succession Planning Journey with Accendo


Define Your Key Roles, Criteria, and Expectations

Identify crucial roles and responsibilities, set criteria for successors, establish expectations, and create profiles of desired qualities and skills. Leverage TalentPulse’s holistic measurement framework spanning four quadrants to define your required and relevant management criteria.

Assess Your Successors

Evaluate potential successors against role requirements, analyse and diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and generate comprehensive reports, such as the Executive Report and the Development Report, to guide decision-making and development plans.

Identify Potential Talents

Identify potential successors who demonstrate the essential qualities and capabilities for critical roles from a talent pool and then refining the selection to those best aligned with the roles.

Evaluate Succession Readiness

Determine whether your potential successors are ready for immediate placement or require additional targeted development plans to address skill gaps.

Execute Succession Plan

Implement transitions of successors into key roles, provide ongoing support, and continuously assess and adjust based on performance and feedback.

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