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“Majority Of Leaders Consider Succession Planning As Urgent And Important, But Only Few Manage To Orchestrate It Well.”

Deloitte, 2018

Key challenges large companies still face in succession planning software today

Creating Bias Free Process

Scaling Beyond Top Level

Building Lateral Career Growth

Succession planning Software with our Talent Intelligence Platform helps you

Complete Successor Identification 3X Faster

Eliminate Bias Using Holistic Talent Profiles

Increase Succession Pool Size With Vertical and Lateral Moves

Succession planning Software with our Talent Intelligence Platform helps you​

Success Profiles in recruitments

Globally Validated Success Profiles

Benchmark your talents against our library of over 3000+ globally validated success profiles and understand what good looks like for roles.

Multiple Job Fits

Compare talents against 5 different roles to create vertical and horizontal succession plans.

psychometric assessments for recruitment
Holistic recruiter assessment tests Role Score

Holistic Role Scores

Assess candidates to find out their leadership, agility, culture and technical scores to plan development needs for succession planning.

Succession Planning Journey With Accendo


Craft Success Profiles

Key Considerations

  • What are the current and future roles needed and critical to the business?
  • What are the competencies needed for each role?

Case The Talent Net Wide

Key Considerations

  • Who in your organization can potentially qualify to be a successor?
  • Where do they aspire to move to in the future?
  • Do they sufficient talent data?

Assess Talent's Role Fit

Key Considerations

  • What is your talent’s fit for the mission-critical role?
  • Do they have the skills and the potential to perform in the roles?
  • How soon can they assume the succession role?

Groom Future Leaders

Key Considerations

  • How can you close the gaps of your talents?
  • Do they have sufficient internal talents or do you need to look externally?
  • How can you enable leaders to be better coaches?

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