TalentPulse Features

Skills Taxonomy & Role Management

Skills taxonomy is a measurement of workforce skills that are quantifiable, tangible, and traceable. Leverage our extended and structured list of skills and roles to define and benchmark talent needs for your company.

Identify the skills required

Choose from 3,000+ Talent Profiles

Benchmark before anything else

Creating a job description, the technical skills, and qualifications independent of the business’s needs are only a “glass half full”. The other half is thinking about where the business is headed, what skills are needed for current needs, and what would be required for the future.

TalentPulse allows you to go beyond the obvious:

  • Browse our extensive list of job profiles, classified by industry (banking, telecommunications, IT, etc), job family (sales, marketing, finance, etc), and job level (executives, managers trainees, etc).
  • Identify the skills required for each job profile and the proficiency levels that would best suit the role.
  • Incorporate them seamlessly into your job profiling.
Evaluate Talent Competency

Evaluate Talent Competency Levels

Hire based on level of expertise

Proficiency is the level of expertise and competence for each skill required for a role. Typical proficiency levels include:

  • BASIC — Ability to perform job duties with guidance to improve and excel.
  • WORKING — Ability to complete diverse tasks with minimal guidance in addressing unusual situations.
  • EXTENSIVE — Ability to perform without assistance, improve processes, and focus on broader issues.
  • EXPERT — Ability to guide and troubleshoot, demonstrate deep knowledge and expertise, and lead projects and people.

Each proficiency level is attached to a particular skill in TalentPulse’s framework. Identify these levels for each job profile while conducting your talent assessments.

Manage Talent Role Customisation

Manage Talent and Role Customisation

Define roles based on what the business needs

Ready to transform your talent processes? 

  • Customise and optimise roles and skills based on evolving business needs.
  • Leverage the Role Management framework to configure and manage role profiles including adding, modifying, and deleting skills, adjusting proficiency levels, and defining them.
  • Ensure the success of your business today, tomorrow, and in the future through the expertise, data, and technology of TalentPulse.

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