Buyer's Guide: Talent Acquisition

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How Accendo is Different from Individual Assessment Companies and Its Key Benefits​

Assessment Marketplace

Compared to other assessment companies, Accendo’s platform, TalentPulse offers an Assessment Marketplace with multiple range of assessment tools, such as Behavioral and Motivation Assessments, game-based assessments, simulations and more.

Self-service Function

Our platform empowers you with its self-service functionality. This allows you to configure assessment projects, track your candidates’ progress and completion and send out email communications to complete their assessments. This feature simplifies the assessment process, allowing you to efficiently manage and monitor candidate assessments.

Consolidated Report

One key benefit of our platform is the ability to generate consolidated reports. Unlike other companies that usually generate separate reports for each assessment tool, our platform allows our client to generate a single, comprehensive report that combines data from multiple assessments. This reduces the time for HR to read multiple reports for an individual and it provides a holistic view of the individual.


Our platform contains dashboards, such as a journey report dashboard to help you track candidate’s progress in their assessment and the quality of your talent pool. Also, the interview portal allows you to combine scores from assessments and interviews to provide you with a fit-to-hire score. This approach cuts down the need for manual compilation, allowing your team members to focus on what truly matters.

Seamless User Experience

Furthermore, our platform offers a seamless user experience for candidates. Candidates can complete multiple assessments using a single log-on, eliminating the need for multiple log-ins. They have the flexibility to take breaks between assessments as long as they complete within the stipulated time. This user-friendly approach provides seamless candidate engagement, ensuring a smooth assessment experience.

To sum it all up, our platform stands out from other assessment companies by providing an assessment marketplace with multiple tools, the ability to generate consolidated reports, a data-driven dashboard for analysis, a self-service platform, and a candidate-friendly assessment experience. We strive to offer a comprehensive solution to meet your business needs and hiring outcomes.

Assessment Marketplace

Accendo’s Assessment Marketplace is a one-stop curated marketplace for best-of-breed, globally sourced and validated talent assessment tools. Organisations use these tools across the talent management lifecycle, for example, to assess potential candidates to evaluate their ‘best-fit’ for the role.