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The Ultimate Guide To HiPo Identification

High potential employees are an organization’s most important asset. They are able to produce 2-3 times more than your regular employees. Our ultimate guide will help shed light on common challenges faced by organisations in HiPo identification, 5 strategies to retain HiPo employees and introduces a new axis in HiPo measurement.

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The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Assessment Centres

Virtual Assessment Centres provide organisations with a way to holistically measure candidates efficiently and effectively. Moving from a physical setting to a virtual process lowers cost, increases speed and creates an engaging process. Our ultimate guide to Virtual Assessment Centre’s will provide a process for moving from physical to virtual, bring to light areas to focus when doing so and provide a 10 step guide to a successful Virtual Assessment Centre.

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The Ultimate Guide To Succession Planning

Succession Planning has proven to be an activity with serious impact on shareholder value and business continuity yet only 14% of managers believe they do it correctly. Our ultimate guide will help shed light on problems with traditional succession planning practices and introduces 3 new lenses on how organisations should view succession planning today.

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