TalentPulse Features

Integration Made Easy!

TalentPulse connects with your existing HR solutions and accelerates workflow connectivity. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing HRMS, LMS/LXP, ATS, Performance Management, and other applications within your organization. With pre-built or customized APIs, you can connect your preferred solutions with TalentPulse for seamless data flow, simplified workflows, improved speed, and time to value.


Integrate employee profiles between HRIS/HRMS and TalentPulse by synchronizing employee information across systems. Choose from pre-configured settings or easily customize them as required.


Plug in your preferred LMS/LXP for a hyper-personalized learning journey with real-time learning for the skills gaps identified on TalentPulse and personalized learning suggestions for aspirations and career paths.


Streamline the hiring process from job requisitions to talent selection and onboarding with a two-way integration. Easily identify the right talent objectively and holistically through talent assessments to engage, nurture, and recruit past candidates for future requirements.

Assessment Tools

Integrate third party assessment tools to TalentPulse. Upload talent assessment scores from third-party assessment tools with the talent assessment tools on TalentPulse for holistic decision-making.

Other Applications

TalentPulse can be integrated with other HR technology tools such as Onboarding Solutions, Performance Management Systems, Employee Engagement Tools, Health and Well-being Platforms, etc.

BI/Data Warehouse

Connect employee data with analytics and live talent data on a day-to-day basis by creating dashboards for forecasting, planning, and strategic talent decision-making.

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