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Giving People the Opportunity to be the Best Version of Themselves at Work

Welcome to Accendo, where we help organisations become talent enablers!

“In today’s highly competitive business landscape, ​the companies that thrive are those that understand the value of investing in their talent. With TalentPulse, we can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and ensure that they are well-positioned for growth and success

Sharma Lachu
Founder and Group CEO

Our product was created in response to the challenge of aligning talent with business strategy. Constant disruption is the new normal, while prioritising the talent agenda to drive organisational performance.

However, our frustration stemmed from outdated talent acquisition and management practices that didn’t meet the demands of today’s disruptive business environment.

HRMS solutions mainly served as record-keeping systems, and business leaders lacked practical tools for agile talent management. Employees were often excluded from decisions. We want our product to address these issues.
As such, we aim to align business and talent by considering the needs of both the organisation and the individual.

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We Want You To Become Talent Enablers

For that to happen, data-driven decisions and talent insights are essential. So, we’re transforming the way you revolutionise how to attract, assess, align, develop, and retain top talent, both inside and outside the company.

We provide talent solutions to assist you in data-driven talent decisions, strategic transformation, upskilling, and creating positive employee experiences.
We also work with your employees to help them better understand themselves and their potential career paths. We create custom development plans that align with their personal growth aspirations. So, let’s transform your approach to talent management, upskilling, and employee experience.

With Accendo, you will become the ultimate talent expert!

That's why we have built

TalentPulse, our Talent Intelligence Platform, can help you make informed decisions about your employees and their growth opportunities. Think of us like a matchmaker, but for talent and their careers! We can integrate with your core HRMS solutions to give you a holistic view of your talent.

But wait, there's MORE!

TalentPulse can help you identify potential risks, create strategic plans, and assess candidates. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for every role and create development plans for your employees that are linked to their career growth.

Who Are Our Customers

Our customers consist of medium to large organisations with complex talent management needs across diverse sectors. These are businesses with tech-savvy HR departments with global operations and:
A strong emphasis on efficiency

Data driven decision making

A desire for seamless integration with HRMS
Are committed to transformative talent acquisition and management practices

Our Achievements

Discover the remarkable results and milestones we’ve reached through our client-centric approach and cutting-edge solutions.
Our client-centric strategy identifies candidates with double the potential for top performance, assessing their skills, behaviours, and cultural fit to ensure success in your organisation.
Our streamlined approach boosts productivity by 66%, streamlining talent management and development. Centralised talent data offers real-time insights for informed decisions on skill enhancement and career growth.
Our single sign-on feature enhances efficiency by simplifying access to assessments, helping you identify top performers with double the chances of success. We also expedite recruitment, reducing manual candidate filtering and freeing HR teams for higher-value tasks.

The Value
We Deliver

We enable decisions and conversations around talent based on data,

We all know that the best decisions are taken when we have access to relevant, updated, and comprehensive data. Why should it be any different when making talent decisions, where many of these decisions are still made on subjective grounds, or with incomplete data?

Unfortunately, the same analysis rigour is lacking where talent decisions are concerned because the necessary data and analytical tools are simply not available in most organisations.

Best Psychometric Testing Provider
Best RPO Partner
Best Applicant Tracking System
Best Recruitment Innovation
Best Succession Planning Consultant
World HRD Congress Award
The work Accendo has produced has been recognised over the years in every space they work in – picking up multiple awards such as Best Psychometric Testing Provider, Best RPO Partner, Best Applicant Tracking System, Best Innovation in Recruitment, Best Succession Planning Consultant, and a World HRD Congress Award in HR Tech.

Our Mission

Giving People the Opportunity to be the Best Version of Themselves at Work

Our Values

Accendo’s culture is fuelled by our employees and commitment to empower individuals to grow and excel at work. Our core values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive our business.

Beyond I

Our ethos: Open knowledge sharing, teamwork, positivity, humility, and shared responsibility.

Customer Obsession

We prioritise customers, taking ownership to address their needs and create a positive impact through excellence.

Achieve and Adapt

We focus on impactful outcomes, valuing curiosity, risk-taking, and candid feedback for continuous growth.

Be Better Everyday

We strive for continuous improvement through challenging norms, staying updated, and embracing diverse perspectives for steady progress.

Keep It Real

We value deep understanding, open questioning, and respectful expression in discussions that build trust and contribute to a broader perspective.

Our Leadership

Meet our dedicated leadership team, the driving force behind our company’s success and thriving business.

Sharma Lachu

Founder and Group CEO

Sai Sidharth

VP Technology

Thomas Lozza

Chief Product Evangelist

Tishal Rai

People and Performance Lead

Jason Lee

Finance Director

Wayne Loong

Head of Professional Services

Our Mission at Work

At Accendo, we believe in harnessing the power of diverse talents and giving people an opportunity to be their best versions of themselves at work to ignite innovation and drive progress. Our community thrives on open communication and unlimited possibilities.

Our Journey at Accendo

  • Founded by Sharma Lachu, Founder and Group CEO of Accendo, as Arcane Solutions.
  • Expanded the team of organisational psychologists.
  • Established a dynamic tech team to cater to the soaring market demand for digital talent management solutions.
  • Rebranded Arcane Solutions as Accendo Technologies.
Global Expansion, Launch of Simplify
  • Launched Simplify, our game-changing applicant management system.
  • Continued to expand the unwavering growth of our
  • Malaysian customer base.
    Embarked on our international journey by securing customers in Singapore and Thailand.
2015 - 2017
Collecting Accolades
  • Bronze Winner of Human Resources Vendor of the Yearfor Best Client Project.
  • Silver winner for Best Recruitment Innovation (2016) and Overall Best HR Vendor of the Year (2017) at Asia Recruitment Awards
  • Gold winner for Best Psychometric Solution at Human Resources Vendor of the Year.
Further Global Expansion
  • Significantly broadened our customer reach across five Asian countries.
Launch of TalentPulse
  • Elevated our business model to a tech powerhouse through TalentPulse, our Talent Intelligence Platform.
  • Public launch of the TalentPulse platform with participation from top HR leaders.
  • Awarded Deloitte APAC Tech Fast 500.
2020 - 2021
Global 20 Watchlist
  • Awarded Training Industry Global Top 20 Watchlist 2020.
  • Successfully migrated all customers to the new TalentPulse platform.
  • Achieved industry acclaim and won customer admiration as we grew.
  • Expanded over 70 customers and 4 strategic partners across 8 countries.
  • Awarded Gartner Best-in-Class Vendor twice in a row this year.
  • Awarded Training Industry Global Top 20 Watchlist for 2021 the second in a row.
Second Global 20 Watchlist
  • Expanded to 70 customers and 7 strategic partners across 11 countries.
  • Awarded Training Industry Global Top 20 Watchlist for 2022 - third time in a row.
Series A Funding
  • Secured Pre-Series A funding with resounding success.
  • Upgraded TalentPulse UI for a new user experience.
  • Significant expansions of the management team.
  • Signed a strategic MoU with the Selangor State Government to develop digital capabilities.

Leading Brands Trust Us

We provide our talent acquisition and talent management solutions to leading brands from around the world across multiple industries and segments. 


Careers at Accendo

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Join us on this incredible journey where you can:

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  • Work on exciting projects that challenge and inspire.
  • Cultivate your skills and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Accendo is where talent meets opportunity, and where extraordinary happens every day. Ready to embark on a new adventure?

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