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What's NEW?

TalentPulse 3.0 – Our latest product release that packs in a truckload of talent management features to help you do more with less


Benchmark Talent

Determine “what good looks like” for your organization from where it should start – by designing the right job roles. You can create roles ground up with the right skills and competencies, along with the proficiency level requirements. Or you can select them from our library of over 3000 globally benchmarked job success profiles, and customize them to your unique needs.

Assess Talent

Get the data you need to make talent decisions – all in one place. TalentPulse offers a choice of internationally recognised assessment tools, and the ability to bring in any data to make the assessment richer, be it performance, demographics, compensation and more. A flexible credit token system to let you choose what tools you want, and when. And a consolidated report presents all data in a language familiar to your organization.


Analyse Talent

Get all the insights you need to make the right talent decisions. Our visually appealing dashboards enable you make proactive, objective and agile talent decisions. Start with a top down analysis through a strategic view of the talent pipeline and bench strength risk. Or deep dive deep dive into individual profiles and compare with the other candidates to make the right talent decisions.

Groom Talent

Create career paths for your employees that motivate them to pursue careers within your company, instead of searching outside. Understand each talent’s aspirations, guide them on how to achieve their goals, identify their gaps and direct them to the right learning resources. Put employees in charge of their careers, give managers the insight to motivate and develop their teams, and create an empowered workforce that is aligned with business strategy.


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