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Eliminate spreadsheets automate talent process

Eliminate Spreadsheets, Automate Talent Processes

HR teams still end up using spreadsheets and documents for many of their core talent management processes. The primary reason is that critical information on roles, competencies, assessments and other talent data resides in silos, and the only way to combine data for useful analysis is using spreadsheets.

TalentPulse fills a critical gap in HRMS applications and integrates talent data from all relevant resources. This enables HR to integrate, automate and streamline processes for talent engagement, talent assessment, talent matching, learning and development as well as career pathing.

compute Employee fit scores

Compute Employees Fit Scores

A key objective for HR is to identify best fit candidates (both internal and external) while also meeting employee career aspirations. Unfortunately, these processes are highly manual for most organizations, involving multiple spreadsheets, taking months to execute, and poor in employee coverage while involving a high degree of subjectivity.

TalentPulse computes a fit score that is able to predict an employee’s suitability for a current or future role. the AI engine utilizes all available data to make this computation, including leadership potential, agility, culture fit, and technical competence.

levarage dashboard and analytics

Leverage Dashboards and Analytics 

HR’s reports to management can be time consuming and take them away from strategic talent activities. Also, not having real time access to insights forces a delay in communication. Especially if adhoc enquiries from business to HR.

TalentPulse eases reporting through powerful talent analytics that allow for quick and easy access to critical information and insights. Our talent dashboards are built with deep industry expertise and provide talent insights for faster and simpler management reporting.