Social Security Company in Malaysia Optimises Hiring Process with Accendo’s Assessment Tools and Candidate Screening Solution

About the Social Security Company

Established in 1951, the social security company is one of the world’s oldest provident funds with the aim of helping the Malaysian workforce to save for their retirement. In tandem with the company’s main vision in helping Malaysians achieve a better future, it has extended its mandate to include aiding national infrastructural development while safeguarding and growing all members’ retirement saving


The Malaysian social security company faced significant challenges in filling vacant positions with qualified candidates that met business needs.

While they received an average of 1,100 applications, the recruitment process was manual and time consuming, and most of the applicants were not meeting the required qualifications.


1. Slow time to hire

The company’s manual recruitment process, monitored using an Excel spreadsheet, took as much as three months to attract and hire qualified candidates.

2. Poor candidate selection

The approach relied on heavily on the interview process with limited assessment tools, often resulting in wrong candidate selection.


After a formal selection process, the company selected Accendo as its preferred solution. Accendo’s TalentPulse platform was used to automate and streamline it is the recruitment process while leveraging effective tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness. It included:
  1. Simplify for candidate application management and automatic screening
  2. Use of multiple assessment tools – psychometric tools from Aon
  3. Customised reporting mapped to the company’s competency


1. Faster deployment cycle

The recruitment process was significantly reduced from three months to just 1.5 months.

2. Reduced manual processes

Automated filtering of hundreds of candidate applications and 5,000 assessments annually.

3. Stronger talent pipeline

The streamlined process and optimised assessments enabled the company to efficiently identify and select quality candidates for open positions.

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