Accendo Joins TechHR Singapore 2022, Asia’s Largest HR & Work Tech Conference

Press Release: Kuala Lumpur, 1st September 2022: On the 25th and 26th August 2022, Accendo Technologies, the only Asia-based talent intelligence platform and leading provider of talent solutions, was invited to participate in the TechHR Singapore 2022, Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech Conference organised by People Matters.  

The TechHR Singapore 2022 conference was part of an international expansion and shone a spotlight on accelerating transformation and impacting people and work in business. The theme was #FreshEyes, a metaphor for breaking away from the past – an invitation to experience our reality differently; we assimilate empathy, curiosity, and energy to overcome boundaries. Over 2,500 delegates attended the conference and interacted with the 90 speakers from the HR tech industry who were invited to share their experience and expertise at the conference. 

Thought leaders in key industries, HR practitioners, HR technology product leaders, start-ups and investors led a commanding presence at the conference. They took turns addressing the questions from the audience on productivity, innovation, and growth in an organisation that will revolutionise and redefine the future of work. A host of ideas and a wide array of topics were exchanged, from everything in HR tech and work. 

A highlight of the conference was the discussion between Accendo Founder & CEO Sharma Lachu and Aditi Mahadevan, APAC Head of Talent, Learning & Diversity for Citi. Sharma raised three key findings of a report – development, talent mobility, and career pathing – and what is the connection between the three components. 

“People tend to look at development from the point of what role they get into next and not what experiences they are gathering as part of the development. What organisations need to do is to understand what kind of skills employees need to have. The conversation should focus on combining development with future-focused skills. There is a role that the employee and the manager need to play, and the organisation as an enabler to put into place a way for employees to develop these skills,” said Aditi Mahadevan, APAC Head of Talent, Learning & Diversity, Citi. 

“Traditionally, employees saw mobility as a means for promotion, are they moving vertically? Mobility could mean anything, from a job swap to an extended stretch assignment. All these experiences that employees gather are part of the mobility that will make them a more versatile leader in the organisation. Organisations can support this movement by changing the mindset within the management, ensuring higher employee retention, and building a highly engaged or motivated workforce. Employees often ask about development and career growth. Organisations should work towards helping them gain relevance in their jobs and making them feel valued, whether it is by helping them to build new skills or sharpen the experiences,” Aditi continued. 

As companies take tactical and strategic steps to thrive after the pandemic, we should seize the opportunity to embrace critical levers to accelerate marketplace leadership and value creation in the coming decade. 

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About Accendo

Accendo’s Talent Intelligence Platform is helping organisations revolutionise how to attract, assess, align, develop, and retain top talent, both within and outside the company. The company’s cloud platform enables organisations to run entire talent journeys, including conducting assessments, obtaining meaningful insights for strategic decision support, and crafting learning journeys and career paths for individual employees. Accendo is reimagining how talent assessments are used through an impactful combination of data science, intelligent analytics, process efficiency, and user experience – headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company services leading corporations across a wide cross-section of industries with needs for succession planning, graduate hiring programs, HiPo identification, promotions, recruitment, and talent optimisation. 

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