Selangor State Government and Accendo sign MoU for developing digital capabilities 

Accendo selected as preferred partner for driving Selangor state’s digital skill development. 

Press release: Kuala Lumpur, June 8th, 2023: Accendo Technologies, Malaysia’s leading provider of Talent Intelligence solutions, signed a memorandum of understanding with Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC) to develop digital talent in Selangor State. The memorandum was signed on Selangor Startup Day, a prestigious event organised by SIDEC to celebrate the achievements of nine exceptional startups from various sectors that recently participated in the Pitch Malaysia USA Series programme, aiming to scale globally and attract global investors. 

The MoU between the two organisations marks a significant milestone in advancing the digital talent development agenda in Selangor State. The collaboration will enhance the capabilities and skills of aspiring digital talents, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to thrive in the digital economy.  

Accendo was chosen to sign an MoU with SIDEC’s Selangor Digital School (SDS) and VirtualTech Frontier for its potential in driving innovation and supporting startups in the digital economy.  

Accendo, represented by its CEO and Founder, Sharma Lachu, demonstrated its commitment to innovation and driving the digital economy. “We are honoured to be part of this transformative initiative and look forward to partnering with SIDEC in this critical initiative. We all know the importance of developing digital talent and the importance of it for the Malaysian economy. We will ensure that talent from the state of Selangor is equipped with the mindsets necessary in this digital age,” said Sharma Lachu, CEO and Founder of Accendo Technologies. 

SIDEC and Accendo are confident that their partnership will pave the way for the development of a vibrant digital talent pool in Selangor State, positioning it as a leading player in the digital economy. Playing a crucial role in this endeavour, Accendo will design and execute special learning programs aimed at fostering digital mindsets. 

CEO of SIDEC, Yong Kai Ping, stated that the program, initiated in 2020, aims to raise awareness among Selangorians about the digital world. He emphasised that the country’s digital economy necessitates a minimum of 1.5 million skilled talents, yet currently, the market only meets 50% of this requirement. 

Regarding the MoU signing, Yong added that “SIDEC recognises the pivotal role that startups play in driving innovation, creating job opportunities, and contributing to economic growth. To support and empower startups, SIDEC has implemented a range of programs, resources, and platforms aimed at fostering a conducive ecosystem for their development. 

About the Organiser

SIDEC is a leading organisation in Selangor dedicated to nurturing the startup ecosystem and driving digital innovation. Since 2018, SIDEC has supported over 150 startup communities through initiatives like the Pitch Malaysia USA Series and the Selangor Accelerator Program. They provide startups with resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, and platforms to showcase their ideas to investors. SIDEC offers a comprehensive support ecosystem, including incubation, funding assistance, market access facilitation, and capacity building. With a focus on empowering entrepreneurs, SIDEC aims to foster economic growth and establish Selangor as a thriving hub for digital innovation. 

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About Accendo

Accendo’s Talent Intelligence Platform is helping organisations revolutionise how to attract, assess, align, develop, and retain top talent, both within and outside the company. The company’s cloud platform enables organisations to run entire talent journeys that include conducting assessments, obtaining meaningful insights for strategic decision support, and crafting learning journeys and career paths for individual employees. Accendo is reimagining how talent assessments are used through an impactful combination of data science, intelligent analytics, process efficiency, and user experience. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company services leading corporates across a wide cross-section of industries, with needs for succession planning, graduate hiring programs, HiPo identification, promotions, recruitment, and talent optimisation. 

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