Accendo Updates Assessment Marketplace with ADEPT-15, Aon’s Personality Assessment Tool

ADEPT-15 is a personality tool based on Aon’s leadership research to allow for more scales to be measured in a shorter period of time. Accendo has updated its Assessment Marketplace with Aon’s personality assessment tool.

Press release: Kuala Lumpur, August 10, 2022: Accendo Technologies, Asia’s leading Talent Intelligence Platform, has updated its Assessment Marketplace with ADEPT-15, Aon’s latest personality model. ADEPT-15 is a broad-based personality assessment used in global high-volume screening, professional-level assessment, and leadership development.

Accendo’s TalentPulse Assessment Marketplace is an all-in-one platform for the best globally sourced and validated assessment tools. Organizations can assess and evaluate candidate performance, potential, and digital readiness using these carefully curated talent assessment tools to recruit, select, and promote with confidence. As a result, organizations reduce assessment clutter, optimize their operational efficiency, and increase their decision accuracy.

ADEPT-15 is already a leading brand in the market, incorporating over 50 years of personality and psychology research. It is relevant in several different areas, including leadership development and adaptability, and has been developed ‘bottom-up’, i.e.: built up from foundational theory all the way to psychometrically robust items. ADEPT-15 assesses 15 unique aspects of personality critical for successful performance in a wide range of organizational roles.

ADEPT-15, the latest addition to Accendo’s Assessment Marketplace, is expected to be the best personality tool in the market as it is designed to be culturally relevant for clients and individuals worldwide and relies on the latest psychometric technology to assess personality. It has been recognized by scientific communities for its innovative approach to measuring personality. It has received two awards: the Innovations in Assessment Award from International Personnel Assessment Council (IPAC) in 2015 and the M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace from Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in 2016.

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Accendo’s Talent Intelligence Platform is helping organizations revolutionize how to attract, assess, align, develop, and retain top talent, both within and outside the company. The company’s cloud platform enables organizations to run entire talent journeys that include conducting assessments, obtaining meaningful insights for strategic decision support, and crafting learning journeys and career paths for individual employees. Accendo is reimagining how talent assessments are used through an impactful combination of data science, intelligent analytics, process efficiency, and user experience. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company services leading corporations across a wide cross-section of industries, with needs for succession planning, graduate hiring programs, HiPo identification, promotions, recruitment, and talent optimization.

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