Accendo and Optimus Consulting Enter into Partnership with the Goal of Enhancing HR Technology Landscape for Indonesian Clients

Press Release: November 8th, 2021: Optimus Consulting, an end-to-end provider of recruitment strategy, and Accendo Technologies, the only Asia-based talent intelligence platform, have entered into a partnership with the goal of enhancing the HR technology landscape for clients in Indonesia. The partnership will build further on Optimus strength in recruitment, assessments, technology, and consultancy and help organizations find the perfect candidates and build the right employees.

Optimus was founded in 2018 by Dien Natalia; an engineer with over 15 years of experience in the human capital & IT industry. Learned from her extensive experiences, Optimus offers technology-based HR solutions which set Optimus apart from the other players. Preserving the clients’ trust is thus able to build a long-lasting relationship with them and value teamwork the most when it comes to delivering the services. Supported by youthful, energetic, and experienced professionals, Optimus provides valuable advice and insights needed to solve various challenges in the human capital area. According to Dien Natalia, CEO Optimus, “Technology plays a vital role to human capital in implementing HR strategy and accelerating the whole HR process. Proven by our experiences in technology-based solutions, it not only helps reduce cost, time, and effort but also for the HR team to achieve their Key Performance Indicator. With intelligent talent platform-TalentPulse by Accendo, we believe our solutions become more comprehensive from pre-hire to post-hire. This excellent solution will cover all the HR challenges now and then.”

Accendo is a Malaysia company offering a Talent Intelligence Platform and was recently featured in multiple Gartner reports as a best-in-class solution provider of Assessment for Talent Acquisition and Development. Accendo aims to help organizations revolutionize how they attract, assess, align, develop and retain talent. Their intelligent talent platform, TalentPulse, provides a wide range of insights into each employee’s skills and assists in determining whether they are ready for promotion, who is most likely to succeed when promoted, and the things they need to address if they wish to be promoted. TalentPulse achieves this by consolidating talent dataspeeding up talent management cycles, and improving talent decisions. Adds Sharma Lachu, CEO & Founder Accendo, “We are very excited with our partnership with Optimus. As innovators in the talent space, we seek like-minded organizations that share our vision of helping HR drive their digital HR agenda, be more data-driven, and help organizations achieve agility and resilience. Optimus Consulting has had an impressive track record in helping companies better their people processes and shares our beliefs in talent measurement. We’re excited to expand into Indonesia with them as partners”.

With the constant disruptions becoming the new norm for businesses nowadays, Optimus Consulting shall now also carry TalentPulse locally to address the need for a consolidated assessment marketplace as well as the constant push to increase talent decision quality. Significantly reducing the risk of a wrong hire/promotion can have a drastic impact on an organization’s performance and bottom line.

About Optimus

Optimus Consulting (Optimus) is a technology-based HR consultant company that aims to help organizations to manage their end-to-end HR cycle. Optimus believes that the implementation of technology will drive efficiency on both HR administrative and operative tasks such as recruitment and selection, training, performance management, and reporting and analysis. This will help HR personnel to make a larger contribution to the organization’s people strategy.

With strong on-the-ground market knowledge and fully supported by the latest tools on hand, Optimus can help organizations to gain clarity and zoom in to the most appropriate and accountable solution that could fit their unique requirement.

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About Accendo

Accendo’s Talent Intelligence Platform is helping organizations revolutionize how to attract, assess, align, develop and retain top talent, both within and outside the company. The company’s cloud platform enables organizations to run entire talent journeys that include conducting assessments, obtaining meaningful insights for strategic decision support, and crafting learning journeys and career paths for individual employees. Accendo is reimagining how talent assessments are used through an impactful combination of data science, intelligent analytics, process efficiency, and user experience. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company services leading corporates across a wide cross-section of industries, with needs for succession planning, graduate hiring programs, HiPo identification, promotions, recruitment, and talent optimization.

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