Accendo Launches TalentPulse Version 3.3

Version 3.3 adds significant new capabilities to enable managers to understand, guide, coach, and develop their team members, along with new analytics and technical capabilities.  

Press release: Kuala Lumpur, March 31, 2022: Accendo Technologies, Asia’s leading Talent Intelligence Platform,  has just launched the availability of TalentPulse 3.3, the latest version of the company’s flagship talent intelligence platform. TalentPulse was officially launched in 2019 and has since been central to many of its clients’ talent management, recruitment and succession planning initiatives.

The latest update enhances core product capabilities that connect talent management requirements across skills, roles, assessments, succession, HiPo development, internal mobility, learning and careers. In this era of the Great Resignation, the new functionality aims to empower managers with more tools to understand, guide, coach, and develop their team members while also improving operational efficiency and usability for clients.

Accendo will also be enhancing  its SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities . This feature will take the entire experience for HR and employees to a completely new level.

Speaking about the new release, Sharma Lachu, Founder and CEO of Accendo shared his perspective that, “Continuous product innovation is core to how we add value to our customers and their evolving needs. But what I am especially proud of is how we are continuously able to stay ahead of the curve and are single minded in our focus to helping customers prepare for their current and future needs. So while version 3.3 is an important step in this direction, there is plenty more coming in the pipeline later this year”

About Accendo

Accendo’s Talent Intelligence Platform is helping organizations revolutionize how to attract, assess, align, develop and retain top talent, both within and outside the company. The company’s cloud platform enables organizations to run entire talent journeys that include conducting assessments, obtaining meaningful insights for strategic decision support, and crafting learning journeys and career paths for individual employees. Accendo is reimagining how talent assessments are used through an impactful combination of data science, intelligent analytics, process efficiency, and user experience. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company services leading corporates across a wide cross-section of industries, with needs for succession planning, graduate hiring programs, HiPo identification, promotions, recruitment, and talent optimization.

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