Decoding Digital Disruption

The unstoppable rise of digital disruption.

By 2020, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies will drastically transform the way we live, work and interact with one another. Today, digital disruption already spans across all industries and verticals, causing an awakening tremor that shakes the foundation of many businesses.

What is changing?

Business models, operations and processes, products and services, as well as customer experience are experiencing unprecedented shifts. The growth in connectivity, innovation, and an explosion of data drive new ways of conducting business. Many organisations are already ramping up technological investments to sustain their competitive edge.

Preparing for the digital future – Be a game-changer.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, it unearths many previously unimagined possibilities. Some jobs will disappear, others will expand, and new ones that don’t exist today will become the new norm.

The war for digital talent is also getting underway of intensifying. Talents today are no longer the same as talents ten years ago, and the talents of tomorrow are still relatively unknown.

We have seen the appointment of the world’s first AI director, and also AI making debut as a news anchor. Let’s be honest. Humans are more worried than ever of being replaced. The good news is, humans will still remain central to the future of work.

However, what is the recipe?

“By 2022 everyone will need an extra 101 days of learning” – World Economic Forum

1. Be agile, not fragile

Adaptability and agility will be the key to survival. While you might find yourself surrounded by ambiguities, be open to what lies ahead and rapidly mutate to keep up with the changing demands. Develop an appetite for change and risks, and be comfortable navigating through the unknown with tenacity.

2. Think with speed and beyond what you can imagine

In the world where data is the new currency, the ability to think on your feet and harness meaningful insights quickly is imperative for success. AI and machine learning may speed up the process, but human creativity is still irreplaceable. Be bold to embrace new ways of thinking, and think divergently to connect possibilities.

3. Keep the human touch alive

Humans are now increasingly connected than before. Though human-machine collaboration is an uptrend, the human element still lies at the core of trusting relationships. In fact, emotional intelligence is gaining prominence for effective communication, collaboration and leadership.

4. Learning to learn

Know what to learn and how to learn, relearn and unlearn. The world of digital opens up many uncharted areas. Be a sponge and constantly reinvent yourself. The Future of Jobs Report 2018 suggests that everyone will need an extra 101 days of learning and upskilling by 2022.

It’s now or never.

Digital revolution is inevitable and it calls for a new mindset. Businesses and people need to be nimble and proactive to avoid being daunted by disruptions. Digital is a moving end-state – embrace, evolve, and enjoy!

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