HiPo Identification

Identify and retain your best talents that bring 2-3 times more value than regular employees.

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Accendo Talent Framework

Using The Accendo Talent Framework, you can easily select existing benchmarked roles and tweak it to contextualize to your needs

Ready-to-use job profiles spanning industry specific and general corporate functions across all levels
Libraries covering over 16 industries that are continually updated to reflect current job markets
Competencies with varying proficiencies mapped to the job profile
Years of research combing qualitative and quantitative reviews to ensure validity and reliability of content

Selecting The Right Benchmark Is Critical Because

Getting It
RIGHT Enables:

  • Development Programs
  • Hiring
  • Promotion Exercises
  • Remuneration
  • Workforce Planning
  • Job Design

Getting It
WRONG Leads To:

  • Assigning the Wrong Capabilities to Critical Roles
  • Placing the Wrong People in Critical Roles

Key Features In TalentPulse HiPo Identification

Identify With Confidence

Begin HiPo identification by understanding what different data says about your talent. Slice and dice data sets to get to know the talent composition of your HiPo’s.

Assess Holistically

Assess HiPo’s with multiple lenses to gain in-depth insights on their strengths and areas of development. Our library of talent assessment tools measure preferences, behavior at work and contextualizing ability.

Personalized Development

Build personalized learning journey’s to ensure guided development and high retention rates. Connect with relevant learning references based on individuals strengths and gaps to ensure maximum learning ROI.

Overview Of Our Approach With You​


Setting Up The Platform For You

Key Considerations

  • Mapping assessment tools to your competencies
  • Uploading your organizational chart
  • Building of structured interviews

Establishing Success Profiles and Technical Competencies

Key Considerations

  • Conduct role management exercises with you using Accendo Talent framework 

Filter High Potential Talents Against The Framework

Key Considerations

  • Assess talents against leadership, agility and cultural fit

Gap Analysis Of The Individual And The Group

Key Considerations

  • Combine assessment data with feedback from face-to-face interviews
  • Analysis of development needs for the individual and the group

Provide Development Recommendation

Key Considerations

  • Development recommendations for individuals and as a group

High Potentials Can Be Determined Instantly With Our Dashboard

HiPo Dashboard
  • Identify high potential talents using our dynamic 9-box chart
  • Easily customize the elements of the axes based on what high potential means to you
  • Once the list is narrowed down, high potential talents will be selected for development