TalentPulse Features

Align Your Talent Strategy to Business Needs

A well-designed talent strategy can help with making sound hiring decisions, closing talent gaps, and optimising employee performance. Elevate your workforce with hiring, succession planning, and other talent initiatives using Accendo’s comprehensive functionality.

Build a Game-Changing Succession Plan

Create a success profile

Build robust job profiles for candidates based on the criteria for your mission-critical roles and the expected competency levels and contextualise them relative to your business needs.

Assess a talent’s role fit

Are you selecting the right talent for the right roles? Build talent pipelines to solve business challenges using scientifically validated assessment tools and other relevant data.

Identify and develop successors

Identify successors, understand their skills and aspirations, and strengthen talent capabilities by performing an individual gap analysis and a talent pool analysis.

There’s More to Recruitment than Reading a CV

Define your ideal candidate

Build your ideal candidate profiles based on aptitude, behavioural, and personality traits with Accendo’s intuitive online assessment marketplace.

Evaluate candidates using talent assessment tools

Benchmark your top performers with a host of our talent assessment tools to understand what makes them efficient, so you can use this insight to find your ideal candidate: Behavioural assessments, Cognitive assessments, Psychometric assessments, Gamified assessments, Business simulations, Face-to-face interviews, and Video interviews.

Analyse consolidated reports and talent analytics

Obtain reports upon the completion of assessments and compare results to decide who best fits the role and the culture of your team. Our real-time dashboards allow you to:

  • View a detailed breakdown of a talent’s profile
  • Identify group trends and insights from consolidated data for decision-making
  • Identify talent and understand role fit

Developing High Potential Talent

HiPo employees demonstrate value through drive, accomplishments, and vision. Discover how to develop and inspire the next generation of leaders through our high potential programs.

Identify high potential employees

Recognise the team members who show great performance and potential with our suite of assessment tools 9-box grid approach and prepare them to take the organisation forward.

Analyse using our interactive 9-Box

Recognise high potential employees who show great performance and capability with our interactive 9-box grid approach and prepare them to take the organisation forward.

Groom HiPos

True leadership occurs when opportunities arise. Retain your future stars by assigning important tasks to them and developing them professionally for more challenging roles.

When Career Goals Meet Business Needs

Be the best option for your employees’ next career move and drive your business forward by recruiting talent within your organisation to fill open positions.

Promote internal mobility

Advocate talent mobility through the alignment of your business by unlocking talent insights with a consolidated view of their capabilities for multiple roles.

Explore talent aspirations

Assess where the talent stands today in the existing role, analyse their hidden potential in other roles, and translate them into possibilities.

Matching people to roles

And roles to people. Conduct a role fit analysis to assess candidates based on their hard and soft skills, strengths, and experience relative to the business needs.

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