Malaysian Regulatory Agency Leverages Accendo’s Assessment Marketplace to Streamline Processes and Improve User Experience

About the regulatory agency

In the mid-1990s, Malaysia adopted a convergence regulation model for its communications and multimedia industry. This led to the establishment of the communications and multimedia regulatory agency. The agency formed 10 national policy objectives as well as a regulatory framework covering economic, technical, consumer protection, and social regulations.


The HR Team at the regulatory agency faced several operational challenges in their assessment process. They firmly believed in the power of assessments and a data-driven approach to talent development.

But dealing with multiple assessment tools across multiple vendors was creating several roadblocks for achieving their goals, including delays in data consolidation and poor adoption rates.
The lack of agility and manual processes were frustrating the team and slowing down their ability to meet business needs in an agile manner. They needed a solution.


The regulatory agency’s HR team faced several challenges, including:

1. Delays

Since the regulatory agency used several assessment tools, the task of consolidating the reports and creating meaningful insights was done manually. This was a time-consuming process that impacted their deliverables.

2. Frustration

The HR team found it frustrating to work in this manner and felt that they could be focusing on more strategic matters than spending time consolidating data.

3. Poor completion rates

From an employee perspective, the experience was far from optimal. Different platforms with different experiences and delays in obtaining scores, resulting in poor completion rates.


After evaluating various solutions, the regulatory agency’s team selected Accendo as its preferred vendor because of its Assessment Marketplace. This one-of-a-kind solution greatly simplified the assessment process while also creating a compelling user experience. The solution included:

  1. 360-feedback on the regulatory agency’s competencies.
  2. TP 360 Report and 5 questionnaires aligned with the competency frameworks of 5 management levels.
  3. Virtual briefing and debriefing sessions (250 participants each) to prepare and guide the participants before the assessment and during the report interpretation, respectively.


1. Successful deployment

The regulatory agency’s ACHIEVE 360 Assessment achieved a high completion rate of 98% across all management levels.

2. A single vendor for all assessments

The TalentPulse platform served as a single vendor for the regulatory for multiple assessments, including 360 feedback and psychometrics.

3. Efficient and reliable feedback process

Completed within a month, the assessment gathered over 2,700 responses from all 800 employees without any malicious feedback, ensuring timely analysis and demonstrating its integrity and reliability.

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