Global Beverage Corporation Leverages Accendo’s Technical Assessments to Enhance Team Performance and Development

About the Company

The global beverage corporation is known for refreshing the world, operates in over 200 countries and delivers over 1.9 billion bottles daily. With a diverse portfolio of 200+ brands and the support of 700,000 employees and numerous bottling partners, the company has become a symbol of social interaction and innovation.


Operating in over 10 countries across SE Asia, the global beverage company aimed to evaluate the capabilities of their diverse commercial team. The Regional Talent Management team needed a platform that could address the complexities of diverse teams and languages, while providing valuable insights for scoring flexibility, employee development, and grooming opportunities. The platform was essential for their managers’ team development insights, the L&D teams’ targeted feedback, and capturing confidence levels to aligned with the company’s objectives.

However, finding a platform with the desired functionality, scalability, and a WOW! user experience posed a significant challenge for the talent management teams, as existing solutions fell short in these areas.


The company’s talent management team knew that if they didn’t find a solution soon, there would be serious consequences:

1. Delayed or non-targeted development

The absence of a platform measuring employee confidence levels and providing holistic insights led to delayed or non-targeted development.

2. Misaligned learning

The approach heavily relied on the technical assessment solutions that were not meeting the real needs of the employees.


After evaluating several solution options within the company’s environment and external vendors, the team selected Accendo as its preferred solution. Accendo’s TalentPulse platform was used to streamline the assessment process and generate customised individual reports. It included:
  1. A platform capable of deploying flexible technical assessment solutions.
  2. Integrating a “Confidence Level” rating/measurement feature within the platform.
  3. Customised individual reports to include confidence level information by competency.
  4. Comparison of individual scores against their peers in the reports.


1. High completion rate

The company successfully deployed assessments with a 98% completion rate across 500 employees.

2. Comparative performance analysis

Individual reports that provided insight on the employees’ scores against their peers.

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