Leading ASEAN Telco Partners with Accendo to Build Sales Competency Model

The Challenge

Our leading ASEAN telco partner needed a solution to a three-fold challenge that could help grow their business enterprise amidst shrinking profits and higher competition in the customer telco industry.

They were also in need of a successful expansion into the business enterprise that required a sales team with a different set of skills, competencies, and behaviours.

Understandably, the goal was to reposition their existing sales talent or hire externally. Having already identified the challenges, the solution required would be to improve self-awareness within the organisation and optimise behavioural dynamics within and between the sales team.

Ultimately, the business also needed to identify a competent sales team and create a succession plan.

The Solution

Accendo Technologies formulated a solution that began with drawing up an enterprise sales framework, followed by sales proficiency assessments, and ended with development guides.

Enterprise Sales Framework

The framework was drawn up to measure the ideal persona for an enterprise salesperson. The Accendo consulting team designed the framework by leveraging industry research and conducting interviews with the leadership team and existing high performers. This allowed the telco to set a benchmark for their hiring decisions in line with the market and business needs.

Sales Proficiency Assessments

Each individual was assessed using a combination of behavioural, ability, and simulation-based assessments. This allowed the telco to identify the individuals who would be best suited for the new strategic initiative while acquiring a deeper understanding of the strengths and areas of development for each of them.

Development Guides

Development guides were designed to help the client upskill the identified employees through personalised and targeted development interventions. The development guides also assisted the client in shortening the development cycles which, in turn, enabled them to execute their strategy more quickly.

The Impact

The insights gathered from the solution identified three development areas that the client could work on. The first was an increased internal talent movement. The telco was able to position itself as an employee-friendly company by promoting existing talent while avoiding expenses related to external hiring.

At the same time, the telco was able to reduce its wrong hire rate and its subsequent cascading impact when using the enterprise sales framework. Through the individual development guides, the telco also managed to cut down the normal development and upskilling cycle time by months, thus leading to a faster time in productivity.


Internal talent movement


Wrong hiring rate




External hiring expenses

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