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Lunch & Learn HiPo Employees - A look into your diamonds in the rough In this session, we will covered these: Defining the HiPo of today HiPo Identification- Make it easier and quicker Why HiPo's- Ability, Adaptability, Stretchability ...

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Lunch & Learn on Assessment Tools

Are you curious to learn more about how assessment tools have evolved over time, what new-age tools are now available, and how assessment center design has evolved? We had the chance to: 1. Experience first-hand about assessment tools like simula ...

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Graduate Recruitment

Start getting your next generation leaders today to ensure business continuity tomorrow. This July, #AccendoConnects will take you through the ins and outs of Graduate Recruitment to future-proof your organization. 

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Success with Succession Planning

Content 1. Blog 01 -3 Data Challenges That Hinder Effective Succession Planning 2. Blog 02 -4 Hidden Costs of Poor Succession Planning (Or Not Having One At All) This May Evaluate your Succession Planning process, learn new mechanisms and align with glo ...


Lunch & Learn | Success Profiles

Questions like "Why do we have Success Profiles?", "What are some of the roles that have disappeared?" to "What is affecting Success Profiles today?" were discussed in this Lunch & Learn.  With the rise of technology, how are we to predict futur ...

Malaysia's Top CHROs

CHRO Breakfast Roundtable

With digital transformation rapidly changing the nature of work, businesses are focused not only on building the right workforce to meet evolving needs but also ensure that the experience of the employees is one that fosters a stronger relationship with t ...