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We aim to share how talent intelligence platforms have been proven to help large organizations solve problems from the most basic to the most operational by being an add-on layer to their HCM architecture:

  1. Build better quality talent pipelines

  2. Make more agile talent decisions

  3. Integrate multiple assessments

  4. Quicken job design processes

  5. Build targeted learning plans

Talent intelligence

Event Partner

disprz is an AI-powered right skilling suite, helping enterprises unlock business potential by enabling organization-wide skilling. We leverage the power of artificial intelligence, cloud, and mobile to help organizations identify and benchmark themselves against trending skills required in their industry, create impactful learning pathways for bridging skill gaps, and drive learning adoption to facilitate capability building. 

Event Schedule

October 3rd/10/2021

October 5th/10/2021

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Event Speakers

Ashvin Nair

Head of Marketing Insights

[email protected]

Disprz Speaker


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