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Certainty and Accuracy in Talent Decisions

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Utilize Validated Assessments

Many organizations prefer to use assessment tools to enable data driven decisions. However, such tools come with their own challenges – HR has to deal with multiple vendors, the tool reliability and validity have to be ascertained, reports are hard to interpret and require frequent training.

TalentPulse includes an assessment marketplace that includes a range of best-of-breed assessment tools from some of the world’s best vendors, covering psychometrics, cognitive, technical, simulations, game-based, 360s and many more. Each tool onboarded is pre-qualified by out team of internal experts to ensure the highest standards of validity and reliability.

Leverage Globally Researched job profiles

Leverage Globally Researched Job Profiles

HR teams often relay on internally crafted job decriptions and making them the basis of critical talent decisions. However, this increases organizational risk because such profiles are not benchmarked against what good should look like for a role.

TalentPulse contains over 3000+ well researched success profiles covering multiple industries and job levels, along with proficiency level requirements for each skill. This enables the HR to clearly define the kind of employee that would be best placed to succeed in a role.

consolidate assessment results

Consolidate Assessment Results

Accurate result interpretation pose a huge challenge to many HR teams because raw data is often tough to interpret and apply. This challenge is excarnated if multiple assessment tools are used and manual efforts is needed to consolidate scores.

TalentPulse not only brings together assessment results across various sources to create a consolidated report, but also turns data into actionable insights for the HR to make data-driven talent decisions. Moreover, the reports can be easily configured to use an organization’s internal language making understanding and interpretation easy.