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Meet The New Generation

Want to know more about me?

  • Grew up in a technology-centric environment
  • Prefer digital ways of interacting and enjoy collaboration
  • My phone is my third arm. I’m from the mobile-first generation
  • Always curious and open to opportunities

My dark side...

  • Some of my top priorities when considering for a job:

Company culture

Employee benefits

Growth and development opportunities

Moneatry raise

Flexible work arrangements

  • I’m part of the job-hopping generation, typically work in an organization for 2-3 years
  • Get excited by the gig economy and opportunities to work abroad as I love to travel

Have you thought about these....?

  • Why your organization an not others?

  • How accessioble is your organization on digital platforms?

  • How easy is it to apply to your organization?

  • How efficient and responsive is your organization?

  • How fun and engaging is the experience with your organization?

Why Accendo’s Graduate Suite?


Fun and game based elements that suit the preferences of graduates ensures high completion rates

Validated Model

Our competency measurement model is based on research of over 50,000 graduates ensuring a well validated model


Our automated processes speed up time to hire by 30% and saves cost of up to 50%

How We Help You Attract and Identify The Best Graduates


Quick & Simple Application


Online Interactive Assessments


Video Interviews


Assessment Centre

Accendo's Methodology vs A Typical Process

Traditional- Slow, Manual & Boring

Sourcing Application

  • 14 Days

Manual Screening

  • 7 Days

Initial Interview

  • 14 Days


  • 5 Days

FInal Interview

Accendo- Fast, Digital & Fun


  • 2 Days

Online Assessments

  • 1 Days

Video Interview

  • 2 Days

Assessment Centre

  • 3 Days

FInal Interview

With Accendo, It Will Be...

Wallet Friendly


Guarantee Best Talent

Accendo Focuses on the Experience of Graduates & Organization

Apply Anytime, Anywhere

Candidates can apply
through our ‘Simplify’
platform within a few
clicks. Also an
opportunity for
company branding.

New Generation of Candidate Assessments

Candidates go through
online assessments
with vast amount of
datapoints collected, but
don’t feel pressured
like a test!

Getting To Know More Virtually

Video Interview allows
candidates to share
and companies to
assess without both
parties being physically present at the same time.

Closer Touchpoint Face-T0-Face

Candidates are challenged
in engaging real-life
business cases and getting
to learn more about the
company’s expectations.

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