Talent Identification, Development and Succession Management Post 2021

21st, 23rd and 28th September

Welcome to our Succession Planning Webinar

Our target is to bring you a webinar that address head on the challenges large organizations face in Succession Planning today. We understand a big reset is needed and we want to help you:

  1. Adopt new success criteria

  2. Overcome a shortage of ready talent 

  3. Place better emphasis on Diversity & Inclusion

  4. Build great organizational resilience and decisiveness

  5. Optimizing processes despite a hybrid/remote workforce

Event Schedule

DAY 1 I 21/09/2021

1 pm AEST / 11 am SGT

Reducing cost and time in job design

DAY 2 I 23/09/2021

1 pm AEST / 11 am SGT

Automating data consolidation for role suitability

DAY 3 I 28/09/2021

1 pm AEST / 11 am SGT

Targeting develop plans based on need analysis

Clients Who Trust In Us

Event Speakers

Ashvin Nair

Head of Marketing Insights

[email protected]

Dhamiri Petra

Head of Clients Insights

[email protected]

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