OPERATION: MISSION (I’M)POSSIBLE – Best Mission Statements

How do you get your staff to be creatively involved, work long hours and be willing to go above and beyond their job descriptions?

It’s simple. You give them a mission and vision to believe in.

Get it right and your employees no longer work for you, they work with you. They will be devoted to the success of the company, and work becomes more than a job – it becomes a calling. In effect, this can make all the difference.
The truth is, for a vast majority of people, work is merely a means to an end. They spend a majority of their waking hours on the job, desperately trying to find the time for what they love – hobbies, family, holidays.

Get it right and your employees no longer work for you, they work with you.

It doesn’t have to be this way. People often feel enriched when they believe they are working towards something meaningful or if they have a sense of accomplishment. And although this is good for employees, finding meaning and a sense of purpose is also essential for your company. The right mission gives your company meaning and helps you stand out against the competition and differentiates you in the eyes of consumers.

It also helps create a sense of ownership for employees, which will give them the incentive to do a good job, not because it is asked of them, but it is something they feel compelled to do.

The best mission statements should be about more than striving for commercial success or shareholder value. Instead, it should give employees a sense of how their efforts can contribute and enrich the lives of their customers, or the communities around them.

Creating a mission statement is only half the battle. After crafting a powerful mission, top management has to strive to live up to it. That means walking the talk, day in – day out. In the best companies, employees are engaged because their bosses live by example. When this happens, performance goals are met and mutual respect creates a working environment that is inherently meaningful.

Now while many companies have a mission statement – for better or worse – is this sufficient to attract the best talent?

While a clearly defined mission statement works wonders to identify a company’s purpose, it is a vision statement that employees really connect with. It lays out the direction in which the company is going and how they’re going to get there. In short, a company’s vision statement should inspire and motivate employees and get them to find meaning in what they do each day.

So how can you begin to define a vision statement that attracts the best talent?

Direction. Direction. Direction.
Where do you see the company in five years? How will you get there? What problems do you hope to solve and what do you hope to achieve? A great vision is always looking to the future.

Create actionable items that employees can easily remember and align themselves with. Use concise language that is forward-looking and memorable without being overly long.

The vision statement should align with the companies values but also the goals of its employees. This means your vision statement needs to be crafted to be relevant to your desired workforce and broad enough to use for a variety of employees.

In order to be of use, your vision needs to be communicated and understood by your employees both current and future. This can be as simple as keeping everyone up to date with changes, via email or simply but clearly communicated via the company’s website or social media pages.

So now that you know what it takes to create an effective vision statement, what comes next?

At Accendo, we believe that people are the strength, heart and soul of any company. We’ve got the tools to connect you to the talent who are not only the best but who also connect with your company’s mission and vision. With our expertise, you and your employees can begin to work together and create a future of collaboration, effectiveness, meaning and success.



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