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We are living in an age of choice. Today’s better-informed and price-sensitive consumers demand and have a breath-taking variety of products to choose from. To compound matters, consumer preferences are evolving rapidly and retails companies are struggling to catch up with the velocity of this change. What’s in vogue today goes out of the market tomorrow. Retails companies must become more agile and efficient.

Accendo Technologies delivers robust retail solutions targeted at protecting margins and improving revenues. Our solutions help retail companies stay tuned to consumer preferences and bring successful products to the market faster. By integrating the value chain without compromising on the much-needed flexibility, we help clients adjust better to price volatility and fluctuations in consumer demand. By accurately estimating demand and fine-tuning sales-and-order processes, companies can unlock great value.

The focus of companies should not end with making the best possible stuff, but shall extend into how they make them available. Shopping experience plays a key role in the purchasing decisions of consumers. As online shopping and advanced technologies like Augmented Reality transform retail experience, companies must constantly innovate to provide an exhilarating shopping experience across multiple channels including in-store and online. Accendo helps companies develop sophisticated store management, POS and other customer-facing solutions to help companies increase revenues and customer satisfaction.

We develop the following retail technology solutions :

  • Store and inventory management systems
  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • E-commerce and mobile applications

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