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Few open source languages are as widely used as PHP. More than 20 million websites, including Facebook and Wikipedia, use PHP. With built-in support for many open-source databases, it is often the language of choice for designing websites with dynamic functionality. There is no licensing fee and no special compiler is required to execute the code – it just works with your browser.

The online world today is besieged by a flood cyber-security threats. Like many programming languages, PHP is in the cross hairs of hackers who are using sophisticated tools to mount powerful attacks on the IT assets of companies. Such breaches have worrying financial repercussions and cause serious reputational damage to companies. In fact, a third of the all cyber-attacks are traced back to PHP.

At Accendo, we plug vulnerabilities to build highly-secure and functional web applications for companies trying to leverage the power of PHP. By integrating with open-source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal or e-commerce platforms like Magento, we help companies built cost-effective, feature-rich applications.

How Facebook uses PHP?

Facebook is one of the leading companies that use PHP to execute powerful computing tasks. At the center of its horizontal scalability approach is the LAMP stack. Using PHP and calling back-end services written in a variety of languages like Java or C++, Facebook has been able to rapidly scale its services to add millions of users. The advantage of such a model is that it allows companies to handle increasing traffic by augmenting hardware capacity and without drastically changing the code.

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