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Offshore Development

In an increasingly inter-connected world where work can move anywhere, the reason to move work offshore is not simply lower costs, but also higher quality and speed. It also frees up management bandwidth so that companies can focus on what matters most to them, while leaving the IT challenge to reliable partners. Offshoring providers often bring in an outside-in perspective on business challenges and leverage their technology expertise to address them in innovative ways. With highly specialized skills, they execute projects faster than in-house development teams.

Accendo Technologies is a forward-looking offshoring services provider that partners with companies of all sizes to help them realize significant bottom-line improvements. Our technological expertise spans a wide-range of skills and enables us to build advanced IT systems that improve the operational efficiency of our clients. Focusing on nurturing long-term partnerships, we help our clients ride the wave of rapid technological change and add new capabilities that differentiate it from competition.

Our industry-aligned practices coupled with an SLA driven approach offer you complete reliability so that you can run your business smoothly without every worrying about the technology that enables it. Accendo’s professionals have a proven track record of offering offshore development services for major companies across the world. Our comprehensive offshoringmethodology and infrastructure allows us to collaborate closely with clients and work like an extended team. The offshore team at Hyderabad promises excellent application development competencies for clients across industries.

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