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Beginning as a modest competitor to several expensive DBMS applications, MySQL is today the world’s most used open-source RDBMS. Popular websites that attract heavy traffic like Google, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr use MySQL to run services because of its speed and reliability. ACID compliance of MySQL ensures correct execution of complex transactions.

The ability to scale on demand is the litmus test for any database. With a flexible architecture, MySQL supports superior scalability and platform flexibility. Linux, UNIX or Windows – MySQL runs on all platforms. With strong data encryption and security mechanisms, MySQL helps companies protect the privacy and integrity of confidential business data.

At Accendo, by working on several challenging assignments, we have honed our expertise in building highly-scalable enterprise and web applications with MySQL as the supporting database. By exploiting the power of its query engine, we help sites manage huge volumes of transactions and build applications that offer a fast response time.

MySQL is the foundation for Wikipedia

From a little-known project to a popular site with over 350 million monthly views, Wikipedia has grown very fast. The company relies on MySQL to power its distributed storage architecture. Over 20 lightweight instances of MySQL databases enable the site to disseminate knowledge to people across the world. Since Wikipedia is supported by donations, the replication model helps the foundation optimize its resources and save on hardware costs, while at the same time, keeping up its high performance.

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