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Mobile Applications

Everyone, even those without a computer, uses a mobile phone today. With the advent of cloud computing, people are keen on working seamlessly across multiple devices – computers, tablets and phones. The workplaces of today are becoming truly mobile as employees increasingly carry their work wherever they go. Three out of every 5 employees believe that "they don’t need to be in office to be productive".

Given the sheer variety of devices, companies must do a thorough analysis on the kind of applications they want before jumping into development. Accendo works with companies to help them develop a mobile strategy that takes into account business objectives, diversity of platforms, and security standards. This strategy becomes the basis for developing apps that work on a range of devices with different operating systems and form factors.

Companies must not just look at creating mobile replicas of their enterprise systems but think boldly to create new applications that add differentiating new capabilities. Our Mobile Applications team at Hyderabad is continuously looking for new ways to bring the power of the world to your palm. Our iPhone application development team at Hyderabad has established credentials in developing powerful mobile applications with a strong focus on user experience.

Uber is transforming taxi service

Mobile apps are not just small-sized counter parts of larger online applications. Smartly conceived, they can help companies create new business models and target additional revenues. Uber is a case in point. By helping users book a taxi, pay the fare and split it with friends, it is revolutionizing taxi service. Without having to make any calls, users can simply browse the map and book a taxi, check its location as it arrives to pick them up, pay the bill using the phone and give feedback in the most convenient way.

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