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More than 90 per cent of personal computers around the world run Microsoft Windows. As the ideal framework and programming language of choice for developers writing Windows and web applications, .NET commands a large developer base. When it comes to simplicity, security and development speed, .Net offer excellent performance.

For companies that are concerned about security, the Code Access Security (CAS) mechanism protects their applications from unauthorized access. Since it comes with support from Microsoft, companies can be assured that any framework issues will be quickly resolved and patched.

As a Microsoft certified partner, Accendo Technologies brings substantial expertise in building robust, content-rich .NET applications with attractive user interfaces in a very short span of time. We guarantee highly-responsive customer service to customers looking to build mission-critical applications on .NET.

Why .NET is ideal for developing mission-critical applications?

Applications developed using Microsoft .NET framework standout for their high performance and security. Banks and public-sector institutions use .NET to develop applications that have to be continuously up and running to deliver important customer or citizen services. With great security and built-in support for developing SOA applications, companies turn to .NET to develop efficient and reliable applications.

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