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Entertainment has a new address and it is mobile. The last decade has seen remarkable shifts in how producers distribute content. The flight of entertainment online has been fast and its next leap towards mobile will be quicker as a flash. Watching movies, reading news and playing games – your mobile phone helps you do it all. But here’s the twist, televisions, books and gaming consoles are not going to fade anytime soon.

A whole new paradigm of convergence is about to descend on the Media & Entertainment industry. Figure this: you are watching a video on television when you get a call. At the press of a button, you can pause whatever you are watching and resume viewing the video from where you left off at a later time on your mobile phone. You can save bookmarks on your computer and access them on your tablet. This convergence and seamless interoperability between devices is changing the face of the Media & Entertainment industry. Standards like 4G/LTE and online marketplaces will speed up this transformation.

Media companies that read the future right and distribute their content on multiple channels will reap great benefits. Accendo Technologies has expertise in working with leading media companies for developing mobile applications with multi-lingual support to help them reach out to more and more people. Technology also helps media companies effectively manage and monetize their Intellectual Property. In a time when books talk to us and videos remember us, companies must think creatively to push their content on multiple integrated channels and generate higher revenues.

Accendo Technologies has the following expertise in the Media & Entertainment sector :

  • Developing mobile apps for television broadcasters with multi-lingual support
  • Build customized platforms to distribute content, protect and monetize Intellectual Property

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