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The promise of Java is simple and popular: "write once, run anywhere". From mobile phones to super computers and televisions to washing machines, it is hard to find a product that does not use Java. With a powerful API, Java offers best-in-class performance, reliability and security. Since it runs on 3 billion devices, applications developed using Java reach a large audience.

Java is well-suited to develop enterprise, web and mobile applications. For example, Gmail and Google Maps for mobile are based on Java. This versatility explains the enduring popularity of Java as a programming language of choice for many kinds of solutions. The availability of outstanding IDEs like Eclipse and Net Beans also makes programming in Java easy and exciting.

At Accendo, the power of Java meets our proven expertise in developing world-class, platform-independent Java applications. Our development team has highly-specialized expertise in developing scalable and multi-tiered applications thatbring down operational expenditure and improve performance.

Java makes Gmail work

Gmail is the favorite e-mail service for most of us. A lot of us check e-mail multiple times during the day. For Google to handle high traffic, they needed a programming language that is powerful and fast. By leveraging the multi-threading power of Java, Gmail provides a highly responsive user experience. Java helps Gmail handle dynamic content inside the browser and reduce load on the server. The superior memory management performance of Java ensures that the storage space is optimally utilized.

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