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Almost all major economies across the world are galvanized by a storm of ambitious healthcare reform. A new wave of technology-driven innovation is sweeping across the healthcare sector as countries are increasingly looking to improve patient care and contain healthcare costs.The evolution towards data-driven healthcare has already begun and emerging technologies have the potential to greatly improve the quality of care in the coming days.

Accendo Technologies helps healthcare providers improve the effectiveness of care delivery. Healthcare providers depend on storing and managing huge troves of patient data not only to meet compliance requirements but also to provide personalized clinical care that improves health outcomes for millions of patients. Doctors and other practitioners must have instant access to patient data – preferably on tablets –for effective disease management and for making well-informed clinical decisions. Availability of this data also enables patients to take complete ownership of their health.

In fact, there is a mountain of evidence that shows how IT can radically improve the efficiency of healthcare providers. We build on this valuable knowledge to implement cutting-edge healthcare applications like Hospital Management Systems with the ability to store and manage Electronic Health Records (EHR). We also have the expertise to build high-quality, reliable and customized IT applications for healthcare providers that trim administrative costs, enhance care quality by making it patient-centric, and improve performance.

Our healthcare IT capabilities include :

  • Hospital Management Systems with EHR
  • eHealth and mHealth solutions

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