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Education sector is on the brink of a massive disruption. A traditional incubator of ideas that change the world, it is ironical that the field of education has itself resisted change for a long time. Schools and colleges are still mostly about teachers and tests. In the recent years, however, a new breed of visionaries and entrepreneurs are trying to rethink the fundamental nature of pedagogy in a digital world.

Instead of focusing on teacher to student ratios, elite universities are trying to broaden their reach with massive open online courses (MOOCs). Other institutions are trying to take learning out of the classroom with online tools and mobile apps. New concepts like gamification are making the process of learning both stimulating and interactive for tech-savvy students. Accendo Technologies has strong expertise in improving the ability of educational institutions to manage their resources well, provide high-quality teaching and drive down administrative costs.

Since not all students are alike, educational institutions need to personalize their courses to meet the diverse needs of students. With Education Data Management (EDM) solutions from Accendo Technologies, institutions can modernize their administrative procedures, track performance of teachers and students, and drive greater student engagement. Designed for a great user experience, our applications are easy to use and manage. We help educational institutions orient themselves to a world that demands continuous learning – anytime and anywhere.

The solutions we develop for Education sector clients include :

  • Education Data Management solutions
  • Mobile learning apps

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