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News & entertainment on the go

A leading news & entertainment channel was looking to make its content available to people on the move. Given the rapid proliferation of smartphone users, the channel was planning to develop an intuitive mobile app that nicely complemented the television experience.

Accendo Technologies worked with the news channel to develop an elegant mobile app that offers a rich browsing experience. With this app, the channel is able to push breaking news and videos to mobile devices round the clock.Stories and videos once downloaded can be viewed offline.Social media integration allows users to share news stories and videos they like with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Since it is a regional language channel, we built the app with multi-lingual support and it has been well received by the users.

Unlocking the power of connections

The Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce seeks to promote business growth by representing the interests of the local business community and acting as a platform for networking. The Chamber wanted an app that will help foster active collaboration between both members and non-members.

By developing what turned out to be the first mobile app for a business chamber, Accendo Technologies made business networking both simple and instant. Members of the Chamber, which constituted local business owners, can now connect easily with each other and with prospective customers. The app also had social media support to allow people to stay connected on diverse platforms. They can promote new products and special offers with separate discounts for members and non-members. The app also helped the Chamber post timely updates on special dinners and guest speaker sessions.

Right knowledge at the right time

TIME is a nationally renowned preparation institute for entrance exams like CAT, GMAT and CSAT etc. To better prepare tech-savvy Generation Y students for competitive exams, the institute decided to take learning out of the classroom. Since two-thirds of all students today use a smartphone, a mobile app offered the best bet to improve the quality of learning.

With state of the art geo-location integration, the app helped prospective students check the address and directions to the nearest TIME branch. Featuring a tile interface, the app included many learning guides to improve the quantitative and verbal abilities of students. Students can also participate in daily quizzes to gauge their knowledge and work on further improvement. This ensured that the students are continuously learning and refreshing things that are essential for success in gruelling competitive exams.


The Challenge

While many companies say that people are their biggest asset, very few actuallymeasure their attendance and utilization in an effective manner. The same is true for a leading Australian bakery chain. With a diverse workforce comprising of both permanent and temporaryemployees working across multiple shifts, the company had a tough time maintaining the attendance records.Calculating the pay for working overtime and on holidays involved a lot of manual work and often resulted in errors.

The fact that there are complex approval mechanisms for overtime and holiday pay only compounded the matters. The company invested full-time resources to track attendance and pay, yet employees complained of receiving pay cheques that did not accurately reflect the hours they put in. The client wanted to modernize its timesheet management process.

Our Solution

Accendo Technologies worked closely with the bakery chain to design and develop a highly customized time management system, which is integrated to payroll. The client wanted a web-based solution that is easy to use.With its proven power and responsiveness, PHP was selected for developing the web application. MySQL was chosen as the database not only to bring down the project cost, but also because of its high performance transaction engine.

Accendo developed an electronic timesheet management system, which incorporated the comprehensive rule set to calculate normal, overtime and holiday pay based on employee type. By leveraging the robust scripting capabilities of PHP, we built custom workflows that made end-to-end automation of timesheet and payroll managementpossible. The solution reduced the processing time and eliminated the room for manual error.

The workflows included a streamlined approval process. A managerhas to approve all timesheets and if he does not respond within a stipulated time, they are escalated to a designated authority. Employees can log their time along with the shift information and the application automatically calculates their pay at the end of the week or month subsequent to the approval of the manager. Building on MySQL’s support for triggers and stored procedures, the solution features role-based access for multiple usersto work concurrently.

“Without doubt, the electronic timesheet management application has been one of the best IT investments we have ever made”, says the Manager of the bakery chain. The solution not only resulted in huge time and cost savings for the client, it also improved employee satisfaction by enabling it to make correct and timely payments to employees to compensate their efforts. “Employees have begun to feel more assured about the accuracy and reliability of the effort tracking and payment process”, the Manager adds.

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