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The Automotive sector is at a critical juncture in its evolution. The basic physics behind making an automobile has not changed much over the years, but customer and regulatory expectations have been rising higher and higher. Automotive companies are under increasing pressure to build automobiles that are energy-efficient, safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Companies targeting higher revenues must bring new models to market faster than competition.

At Accendo Technologies, we leverage our advanced capabilities to help automotive clients understand customer expectations better, improve the efficiency of assembly lines, integrate complex supply chains and accelerate time-to-market. As production runs become shorter, companies need to optimize their product lifecycles, which requires agile planning and execution enabled by state-of-the-art technology solutions. Leading automotive companies are already tapping the potential of advanced technologies like big data and real-time equipment monitoring to match capacity with demand in ways that maximize profitability.

From capacity planning and manufacturing to sales and after-sales service, right technology can help automotive companies boost the performance of their core processes. We implement tailored IT solutions that streamline operations and help companies manage successful working relationships with the key players in the automotive value chain: suppliers and dealers. In short, our trusted expertise allows automotive companies reduce complexity, mitigate risks, improve operational excellence, and raise customer service standards.

The technology solutions we offer to our automotive clients include :

  • Supplier Relationship Management systems
  • Product Lifecycle Management solutions

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